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Organic food consumption is a rapidly-growing trend worldwide. Ukraine has a huge potential for organic agricultural production growth. The country is a big organic exporter with excellent climate, efficient agricultural sector and fertile soil. Ukraine is getting a more and more significant organic products supplier for other countries.

For exporters
Selling with QueS

On a daily basis QueS receives import requests for Ukrainian organic products from foreign leading trading companies and end processors.

We are always glad to help Ukrainian organic products exporters and are highly interested in your successful work and establishing good rapport with your buyers.

For Importers
Purchasing with QueS

Numerous foreign companies have already discovered Ukraine as an organic products supplier. Searching for a reliable organic supplier requires profound knowledge of the market and its organic players, transparency and complete traceability of all the supply chain.

In QueS we believe our mission is to establish business partnership between foreign organic importers and Ukrainian organic products exporters.

QueS and Importers’ Joint Projects

Ques is a partner of the importer of organic products from Ukraine GRANOSA AG (Switzerland) for the implementation of Bio Suisse standards

QueS is searching for open partners in Ukraine to build long-term business relationship and supply flour-grinding wheat to Еickernmuhle GmbH (Germany).