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The Company’s Start and Development History


Today QueS — is a rapidly-growing independent Ukrainian organic consulting company, which helps businesses create an image of a reliable organic production partner at an international level, build a powerful network, efficiently introduce organic production standards and join the international organic community.
We openly and professionally build new relations and launch projects, tightly cooperate with other international consulting companies, information and research publications as well as international projects specialized in organic production.


QueS was founded in 2014 as a company aimed to build a professional transparent and objective information channel on the market for both Ukrainian organic producers and potential international partners interested in developing business relations in the Ukrainian organic production sector. Lack of information and no transparency at an international level caused an unfavourable image of Ukraine as a reliable organic goods supplier. Those were years of company’s start and growth into a leading Ukrainian organic sector player.


The Company Starting Background

From the Founder
The idea of starting a consulting company QueS appeared in 2014. It originated from the gained comprehensive expertise and practical experience in the organic sector.
The first organic related work started way back in 2008 at the position of the Head of the Quality Department in the organic certification body Organic Standard.
2008 – 2014 were years of intensive work within the certification body. As a result the attained specialized knowledge and expertise gradually evolved into consulting services and launch of QueS.